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Guide to Buying Gold Coins Online

"Buying gold bullion and bullion coins is usually done as an investment strategy, but there are many other reasons why you may wish to purchase gold bullion yourself. For example gold coins can be bought as a unique gift or perhaps even for their decorative potential. It can also be a fun and interesting hobby to collect the wide variety of bullion coins that are minted from around the different nations of the world.

Coin collecting begun originally in the middle Ages as a hobby activity for the better off in society.
The artwork of the coins was greatly appreciated on the coins minted and as well as because the coins themselves held historical value to those who collected them.

The investment potential of buying gold coins cannot be overlooked. In this sense collecting coins is a lot different to other types of collecting hobbies. Many coins are made from gold and silver, precious metals which store value over long periods of time. Gold minted five thousands years ago still maintains its worth even today.

Gold and silver ceased to be minted legal tender in the early party of this century, so coins minted prior to this date are rare and are quite popular collectibles. Coins from this age have been known to sell for millions of dollars because of their rarity value.

Such examples of coins minted today are the sovereign and Britannia from the United Kingdom, the kruggerand from South Africa and the Maple Leaf from Canada. The price of all of these coins will vary as the price of gold varies. You can either collect these for a hobby or speculate with them with an investment strategy. Many people like to hold physical gold in these forms as a hedge against inflation and as a store of value. When there is financial uncertainty in markets gold is a popular safe haven for those who wish to save their wealth.

Before buying or investing in gold coins yourself make sure you do some research and be sure of what you are doing. Decide on which coin you would like to purchase and consider where you are based in the world. For example British Sovereigns are considered legal tender in the UK, therefore would not incur capital gains tax when sold later for a higher price. This is unlike the South African Kruger and for example, which would incur a tax on gains if you were using gold to speculate."

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